Am I Crazy??

Well, today has certainly been interesting. Still getting lots of rain here in not so sunny Queensland. But it did give me a great opportunity to show my neighbours exactly how crazy I am. During a light shower that broke up the downpours, I decided to grab my camera and run around the garden taking pictures of the raindrops around. Now this isn't the first time that I have given my neighbours reason to think I might be a little mad, they often get to see me running around in the rain, usually fertilizing my seems a great idea at the time lol.
Anyway I managed to get a few good pics of some rain drops so here they are


Let me know what you think of these.
Lisa xoxo


  1. Your photography is great. I really like the photos in the middle, especially the one with that one single big drop resting on top of the leaf with a rip in it.

  2. Thanx Anne-Marie, that was my fave too!!

  3. Gorgeous photos.


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