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There is an upside to everything

Well there is an upside...... There has been alot of drama is my life lately. It finally all broke down on Friday, when the company that both my husband & I work for went into liquidation. There was no payout, no entitlements, nothing! After 11 years of working there for me, and 5 years for hubby, this was kind of a shock. Our lives have changed drastically in the past few days. But I'm trying to stay positive and as I had just received Cocoa Daisy kit via my lovely friend Anne. I decided to take an hour of time out, forget about all our worries and get a little messy. This is the upside to not working, time to scrap LOL!  Then I decided to share the results with you.

This is the may kit. There are some yummy yummy pieces in this kit :)

I had some fun taking out my frustrations in some stamping and splashing LOL

Add in a pic I took of my adorable boy back in February, and I think it looks ok

Well thats enough of me. Hope you are all doing well. Will hopefully find some time t…