Thursday, December 23, 2010

Some Trees and First Layout of the Holidays!

Well I hope that everybody is about ready for Santa to come! Yesterday was my last day of work for the next 3 weeks, so have been super busy getting ready. Took the kids for a tour of the 4KQ Christmas light entrants nearby here and WOWIE!! Do some of these people go way out! Kids loved it and it was a nice evening for it.

Anyway you're not here for that, you're here for the sharing of scrappiness! First up are the two christmas tree table pieces I have made for my family Boxing Day lunch. My "big" tree is a purple and silver colour scheme so thought I would stick to that. :)

So next up is the first layout of the holidays from me. Just about as soon as I finished work I grabbed out all my goodies and threw together this layout, while having a few drinks mind, some of my best layouts are drunken layouts LOL....what does that say about me????? Anyway it is
Where will your path lead?
A question I often ponder when I think about my children, as do most mothers I suppose.

 Using the lovely My Minds Eye Lost and Found papers, some yummy prima.

A handmade flower from some of the papers.

Oh and the gorgeous Scrapware Gate, which I personally think I just rocked lol. Love how this turned out, I used some silver pearls painted on and then inked it to give it a bit of colour and texture.

Anyways I hope you likey. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me some loving, makes my day to hear what people think of my work.
Hope that everybody has a very safe and merry christmas and hopefully I will be back with more to share soon. xoxo

Monday, December 6, 2010

A Year in the Making

Well...not really, I just had a really long break from it lol. And by it I mean my Advent Calendar!! I bought it in November last year and put it all together...BUT although I LOVE Kaisercraft, I found this to be the biggest, fiddliest (there were quite a few swear words inserted here) piece of work I have EVER done . So after a big break I pulled out the plain calendar and attempted to bring it to life..and this is what I came up with...

I know not the most traditional christmas colours but I guess thats just me isn't it lol

Some close ups

Quite alot going on here :)

mmmm and here :)

Too much bling do you think???? Can you tell I likey shiney :)
So other than this there is not much scrappy happy time going on here, but hopefully I get 3 weeks of glorious blissful holidays!! 
Hope everybody is going alright in all this rain and not being washed away.