Blogger Problems - Test Post ***Updated

oh dear
it seems that every picture on my blog is now gone :((
so this is a test post to see if new pics can be added
or if they are affected at all.
So if you can see this image.....or not
please let me know either by a comment here
or a shout out on facebook....
Please :)

Thanks for your help :)

***edited to add -
Thanks for your help everybody! It seems that my darling daughter
used my email to link to google on her new phone. Unfortunately when you upload pics to
blogger, they store them in a Picasa web album. When you link a phone to that account,
for some reason it put the stored pictures on the phone. Brianna saw that they were
there and decided that she didn't want pictures of my layouts on her phone....
and yes she DELETED the album from her phone!!!!!!!
This deleted the album that blogger was using to store my photos in picasa web albums.
So blogger has no photos of mine on file anymore :((

I didn't know it did that did you?
 I did a google search about it and apparently its happened
to quite a few people.

The only solution is to manually go into each post and edit it to remove the previous image
and upload another copy :O
Which as you can imagine is a MAMMOTH task.
I am going to attempt to work my backwards, while still sharing some new posts,
but this is going to take some time and I am not sure how far I will get before I give up LOL
so please bear with me and I hope you will continue to drop by and
share some loving! I need it now more than ever :)
Thanks xoxo


  1. I can see this one, but the headder and pic on the side is still missing :(

  2. Your icons on the side bar are not there for me... and I can see your lo... check in security under your google profile... they might need you to add your cell # -- that happened to me before.....

  3. Oh no... I can see this layout, but your header and your photo is just a black space with an exclamation mark in a triangle.. I do hope you can sort it all out.. one time blogger deleted my blog all together and I nearly had a melt down... I wonder why this happens???

  4. I can see it too but all the other images are gone, oh gosh hope it can be sorted out hun eeek

  5. Hi Lisa, same for me I'm afraid, but I can comment! :)

  6. I can see your last pic Lisa. That's just aweful that you have lost it all. :( Hope you get everything sorted out soon. xx

  7. I can see the pic - hope you work out what the problem is


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