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White with 1 Challenge

HAHA! I've posted more in the last week than I have in a couple of years!  Shocked you all haven't I? I am loving getting back into it all, I just need to do a spot of shopping lol am using all my old stuff. Anyways the reason for today's post is the current challenge up at  White with 1 Now I have noticed in these colour challenges that what you see above on your monitor is not necessarily what I see on my monitor.  So just to be clear I see this as a burgundy/maroon colour.  I've noticed others have seen it as brown, but this is what I came up with..... Warning! There is a photo of me on this layout, which makes it extremely rare  and these always have me feeling quite uncomfortable but it was time LOL Always the photographer, rarely the subject....just the way I like it. Not a recent pic, I would need to pick up my camera for that,  hopefully soon I will feel the pull of the lens again. Thanks for tak

Kraft Plus July Challenge!

Hello, I have been doing some creating lately, as a lovely friend told me; Creating can heal your soul. So here is a layout that I have done for the  Kraft Plus July Challenge so this was the inspiration This is the second layout I have completed in a loooongg time, it was good  to get messy again :) some close ups..... Here is the first layout I did, not for any reason, just  because it was such a cute pic :) Well thanks for looking, hopefully will be back with some more to share soon Lisa xoxo